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SECTORS * Tourism and Leisure * Economics and Business * Finance * Government * Daily life: cooking, gardening and articles for magazines In addition to translations services Vertaalbureau Versteeg Translations VVT offers other services: * Proofreading This involves a last careful revision of the text which is almost ready for publication now. Among other things, the text is checked in detail on errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. * Editing This is a process of critical reading and thinking. Not only shall I check the content of your text on errors in spelling, stylistic lapses and inconsistencies, but also on coherence, tone and style to ensure a clear and meaningful text. If needed, I shall adapt your text according to your style guidelines and your target group. * Rewriting If you have a text which has already been translated for you and you are not happy with it or in case it is not tailored to your target group, I shall rewrite it for you. If you wish me to translate a text and at the same time have it adapted to your target group, I shall do so.