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PERSONAL CONTACT WITH CUSTOMERS Translating is so much more than just looking up words in a dictionary. A quality translation is without errors, is easy to read and it must appeal to your target group. It must be fluent and the reader should not be able to recognize the translated text as a translation. Therefore, if you do not want to puzzle your target group and get your message lost, it is sometimes needed to bridge the gap between cultural differences. The right tone is very important! To guarantee you the best possible translation, personal contact is one of my priorities as it is important for me to  know what the text is about. Each translation requires a different approach, a so-called translation strategy, to reach the right target group. A legal translation, for instance, is all about clarity. It requires precision, it must be translated fully and there is no room for ambiguity. However, a brochure on walking in Great Britain should be adapted to the cultural context of the target language. In this case, it is more about transmitting impressions than translate something literally. As Dutch is my native language I only translate into Dutch. For Dutch-English translations, I work together with experienced translators who have English as a native language thus ensuring the best possible results for my customers. Moreover, I work with other (sworn) translators, who are all specialists in their own field. All translations are handled in strict confidence!