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HOW I WORK You have decided to work with Vertaalbureau Versteeg Translations VVT. How to proceed? As soon as I have received your telephone call or e-mail, I shall be in touch with you to receive detailed information on the assignment such as: * the subject * what kind of translation you need * where do you need the translation for / your target group * your style guidelines * terminology preferences * deadline. Then you submit your text (source text). Upon receiving it I shall establish a quotation based on word count and text analysis with the help of special software. Amongst other things, I check the linguistic structure of the text, its complexity and I check for field- specific terminology. Subsequently, you will receive a free quote and the general terms and conditions. Once the quote is accepted, I start the translation process. I stay in touch with you throughout this process and if you have any queries, please feel free to contact me. Before submitting a translation to a customer, a final check will be made to guarantee the best possible translation. Subsequently, I shall send you the translation and you will receive an invoice. Occasionally, I may decide not to accept an assignment, for instance, if the subject is outside my field of expertise in which case I can assist you in finding a suitable translator.